Xavi: "My moment has passed"

The former Barça makes a review of his career in his life's club

Xavi: "My moment has passed"
Xavi: "My moment has passed"

The former Barça makes a review of his career in his life's club

Entrevista a Xavi
Entrevista a Xavi

Xavi Hernàndez is in Qatar. With his family, ready and very illusioned for starting a new season. That's how he recognizes in an interview of Javier Miguel at Sport newspaper.

New stage

  • "There's a very good sports project. They want to achieve the League another time and the Asian Champions League. This makes me a lot of illusion: continue playing football, in another level, but later learn at Aspire, as a coach and also as a director of sport."

He's going to play in PSG?

  • "I said I don't want to face against Barça."
  • "I don't want to play in Europe. It would be a treason. I played all around Europe, I can't win more trophies. My career in Europe is done."

How he decided to leave Barça

  • "To be at Barça is stressing, you're always observed and I've passed 17 years like that, competing, with the duty to win... It was very stressfull."
  • "In February I raised that the time to make a decision has arrived, I wasn't as important as I was before and we expected to win almost one more trophie. I feel like that. If not, I would stay in Barça."
  • "Bartomeu want me to stay. Even he came at home two or three times to offer me a renewal, the last one it was less than a month ago."

How he feels?

  • "Loved. It was very tough, in the parade, the people gave me thanks and I'm who must be thanked to all of them. It was awesome what I've lived this days. I'll rembember it for all my life.

Champions League final

  • "The truth is that it was a magic moment. Imagine the last contribuition to the team and I raise the Champions League. Ecstasy."
  • "What I would have to do? Pirlo was destroyed, he feels terrible, sunk. I gave him encouragement and I hug him."

Luis Enrique-Messi conflict

  • "Every year it passes two or three times a ting like this. Because it was Messi, yes, but... what happens?"
  • "Nor was so transcendent. Now imaginenthat I argue with you in the changing room. Alright. But isn't as unusual, it has happened all the life and it will continue happening."
  • "Yes, I intervined. For my experience, like Iniesta's experience, like Busquets experience..."
  • "Isn't yelding. Is agreeing. Talk to each other and only think with the team. Who wants to lose? Nobody. We all work for an objective, or not? Winning, that's what we want, 
  • Es tracta d'arribar a un acord. De parlar-ho entre tots i pensar només en l'equip. Qui vol perdre? Ningú. Tots estem per un objectiu no? Guanyar, això és el que compta, although you think your mate is an asshole, that can happen."
  • "Next year maybe it could be two or three times, for sure, is going to happen again."

Zubizarreta's goodbye

  • "This is not the same discussion. It was between Bartomeu and Zubizarreta."
  • "It wasn't for the defeat in Anoeta that Zubizarreta was fired."