Who can play the role of Jordi Alba in the Super cups?

Mathieu is the main candidate before Adriano and Vermaelen

Who can play the role of Jordi Alba in the Super cups?
Who can play the role of Jordi Alba in the Super cups?

Mathieu is the main candidate before Adriano and Vermaelen

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Jordi Alba és un dels titulars indiscutibles de Luis Enrique i la seva lesió ha trastocat els plans per a les finals de les Supercopes d'Europa i d'Espanya. El lateral esquerre estarà 15 dies de baixa per culpa de la lesió que va patir al Gamper al semimembranós de la cama dreta.

Amb aquest panorama, l'entrenador del Barça té diferents opcions per suplir l'absència de Jordi Alba, una peça clau en els esquemes de joc per la profunditat que dóna gràcies a les seves potents arribades per la banda esquerra. Aquests són els possibles relleus d'Alba a la banda esquerra.

Jordi Alba is one of the undisputed starters for Luis Enrique and his injury has disrupted plans for the finals of the Spanish and UEFA Super Cups. The left side will be out for 15 days because of the injury he got on his right leg during the Gamper match.

With this situation, Barcelona coach has different options to replace Jordi Alba, a key element in the game schemes thanks to his speed in the left side. These are the possible substitutes for Alba in that position:


He is in Pole Position to be Alba's replacement. The left-back was his natural position until Unai Emery placed him in the center-back. In FC Barcelona he has already played some matches as left-back, like the last one, in Gamper against Roma. He has speed, and performs well both in defense and in attack, as demonstrated in the first goal in the Gamper scored by Neymar. If he is physically fit, he has many chances to start in Tbilisi.


The Brazilian has had a tumultuous pre-season. The player received an important offer from Roma and considered leaving the club seriously, as he knows he will always have a secondary role. Throughout these years, he has always complied with good results when he has been required to occupy the side position, either left or right. However, this summer he has had some physical problems and this Thursday he did specific work in the training. This can be the secondary option. He might play against Athletic to give Mathieu some rest.


It would not be his natural position but he has experience playing there. He is good in the ball out but his year out of the fields could be a problem. He still lacks minutes of competition and the position of full-back is more demanding than the center-back one. He should run a lot in the side and he might no be prepared yet. However he can be a good option for the future. We might see him playing as center-back in some of the Super Cups matches, because he performed well there in the preseason.


It would be the first option if Luis Enrique decided to search in the B team, but this will hardly happen. Despite being one of the most promising young players of La Masia, the coach didn't bring him in the preseason US tour and he has not even participated at any training. He has a lot of quality and skill, but for the moment he hasn't convinced Luis Enrique, so he will stay in Barcelona B.