When magic reigns. 5 similarities between Messi and Curry

Let's compare the current best soccer and basketball players in the world

When magic reigns. 5 similarities between Messi and Curry
When magic reigns. 5 similarities between Messi and Curry

Let's compare the current best soccer and basketball players in the world

Messi Curry

Leo Messi and Steph Curry are currently the best soccer and basketball players in the world. The Argentine was the leader of FC Barcelona that achieved the treble and he is the top candidate to win 2015 FIFA Ballon d'Or. Meanwhile, the American got his first NBA ring with Golden State Warriors and was named MVP of the regular season. This year, Curry is still making history and is the main protagonist of the best debut in NBA ever for a team, with 15/15 wins.

This morning, in an interview to international media, Curry praised Leo Messi and admitted he is fan of Barcelona's 10: "I love to watch him play. I'm a great fan of him. Whenever he plays, something special happen. It could be said we play the same." In Weloba, we looked for the similarities between both players. They may look different, but they are similar.

The 5 similarities

1) Magic

Messi and Cury are two players who stand out for his great talent and creativity. They are able to do unimaginable, brilliant and magic things. When they have the ball, everything is possible and they were involved in some of the most spectacular actions in their respective sport. They have been training a lot, but their talent is innate. Natural. Curry says: "We both have a creative style. We feel it when we play. We play the same, almost. When you see Messi on TV, everyone is waiting to see what happens." Messi could say the same.

Let's give an example. 2 dribbles of Messi and Curry which made their opponents, Boateng and Chris Paul, look silly.

2) Control without prominent physical conditions

As a child, Messi had growing problems. Thanks to medical treatment paid by Barça, Messi could grow up to 1.70 meters. Despite being in a soccer world increasingly demanding in terms of fitness, the striker hasn't had problems to succeed being the shortest on the field. His game intelligence and performance were Messi's big weapons, combined with an explosive run and an absolute technique control. He has broken all scoring records in FC Barcelona and was able to score 91 goals in a natural year.

On the other hand, Curry is only 1.91 meters tall and weighs 84 kilos. In a world like the NBA where almost all the players are around 2 meters, the point guard of the Warriors has been dominating overwhelmingly. Watching him play, he might seem very fragile. But thanks to his speed, he is unstoppable, a headache for every opponent, with one of the best shot techniques in basketball's history. This season, he has an average of 32.1 points per game, the best of the competition. His top scoring was 54 points in 2013.

3) Generosity

Not only are they killers. The two world stars also have in common that they think on their mates, and this is shown in their records. Last season, Messi did 31 assists and stands out for his ability to associate with teammates. Connection with Suárez and Neymar has been total and some years ago, he also formed a magic triangle with Xavi and Iniesta.

Meanwhile, Curry also emphasizes this aspect and since his arrival in the NBA, he has an average of 7 assists. While in recent years he has evolved into a scoring base point, his ability to attract the opponent's defenses created many spaces and that was used by his mates to improve records thanks to the dynamic game created by Curry. For example, in the NBA Finals against Cleveland, a substitute like Andre Iguodala was MVP thanks to the fact that the rivals focused a lot on Curry.

4) Charisma

Possibly it is not a key aspect when playing soccer or basketball. But in such a sports world full of media, the image of the player is highly valued by brands and fans. And both Messi and Curry cause good impression. They do not need to strive, it's something naturally for them. They laugh while playing and transmit good feelings. Just unlike their great sport opponents: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lebron James.

They are pleasant, and often receive praise from their job mates. They always focus on the game and shun any quarrel. On the other hand, we find Cristiano Ronaldo or Lebron James' childish attitudes. The special aura Messi and Curry have is difficult to measure but the majority of fans show full respect to their figures and have few detractors.

5) Parallel lives and faithful to their colors

Messi is 27. Curry, 28. They sons were born in 2012 —Thiago and Riley— and the second sons at the same year again, in 2015 —Mateo and Ryan. Furthermore, both stars have the same couple since they were kids. Curry met his wife Ayesha Alexander when he was 14 years old in a youth religion group. Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo lived in the same neighborhood in Rosario, Argentina, and met when they were only 9 years old. Messi left to Barcelona but he came back to Rosario when he was 17 and recovered their relationship until today.

Apart from these curious coincidences, they have been never involved in non-sport conflicts, and they have a very calm and familiar life. They don't have extravagant tastes and they have also demonstrated loyalty to the club where they began. Messi has never left the team where he was trained as a player despite all the stratospheric offers coming from outside. Curry was formed in Davidson College and was selected in the NBA Draft by the Golden State Warriors in 2009. He has transformed a losing team to the NBA champion and faithfulness endures.

They are Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccitini and Wardell Stephen "Steph" Curry II. Like two drops of water who shine in different oceans. Let's enjoy them.