VIDEO. This will be the new Palau Blaugrana

"It will have a capacity for Sports events of 12,000 seats"

VIDEO. This will be the new Palau Blaugrana
VIDEO. This will be the new Palau Blaugrana

"It will have a capacity for Sports events of 12,000 seats"

A few days ago, FC Barcelona announced the winning project for the building of the New Palau Blaugrana and showed the first picture from the inside of the new Barça teams' comlplex.

On Tuesday afternoon the project of the new Palau was presented publicly. The event saw the presence of Barça president, Josep Maria Bartomeu; Jordi Moix, Commissioner for Espai Barça, and of architects John Rhodes (HOK Architecture) and Eduardo Gacón (TAC Architects). These are the main features of the Palau:

  • It will have a capacity for Sporting events of 12,000 seats. For social and cultural events its capacity will extend to 12,500 seats.
  • Its configuration of flexible and retractable stands will enable adapt the capacity according to each use.
  • I will stand out for its asymetic design: a unique ring of stands with an extension of it on the side located next to the Stadium.
  • Each club section (basket, handball...) will enjoy specific spaces. The visibility will be excellent from any part.
  • There will be large and accesible zones fully adapted to people with reduced mobility.
  • Restauration and hosting services will be available. Among them, 24 VIP Boxes and 4 skybars/lounges with a view on the ground.
  • Thanks to the proximity of the unique stand, the spectators will be close to the floor.
  • The New Palau Blagrana will include an extra arena for 2,000 spectators, an ice rink for 800 spectators and FCB Escola facilities, with two football pitches.
  • The highest criteria of energy efficiency and sustainable development.
  • The construction of the New Palau Blaugrana is supposed to start during the 2017/18 season and to end during the 2019/20 season.

Here is a video explaining the technical arrangement of the Palau, as well as the site (where the Miniestadi is currently located) and the closest transport lines:

The club took advantage of the opportunity to make up a video of the best moments that happened in the current Palau:

Also, during the presentation, Bartomeu praised the new Palau's caracteristics: "It will be an architectural wonder. The current Palau has a special feel. The new one is designed to maintain a ring of pressure." Jordi Moix made it clar that the construction of the New Palau and the Espai Barça (Barça Space) will not jeopardise the club's economy.

A mythical player, Epi, also speaked during the presentation: "The closeness of the public is very important. We'll succeed in scaring the teams that will come here to play."