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Sandro to leave Barça - Munir to stay

The path of the strikers coming from La Masia will separate

Sandro to leave Barça - Munir to stay
Sandro to leave Barça - Munir to stay

The path of the strikers coming from La Masia will separate

Munir Sandro

Sandro and Munir have followed parallel lives in recent years but from this summer they will take different paths. The club has already raised the future of the two players and on July 1 they will make changes official: Sandro will leave and Munir will stay with a contract extension, according to the newspaper Sport.

Parallel paths

The two strikers were born in 1995 and Barça's U18 team and Barça B. In the 2014 season, coinciding with the arrival of Luis Enrique in the first team, they participated in the preseason tour and convinced the coach, who ruled out Deulofeu.

The absence of the suspended Luis Suarez gave minutes to Sandro and Munir, who became regular players in the beginning of the season. Then, with the return of the Uruguayan their role was diluted and they returned to Barça B to try to prevent the relegation to Second B.

Matches in the B team were discreet and the team finally was relegated, but the club rewarded them including them to the first team. Another beginning of season, another chance. Furthermore, Neymar got Mumps and Messi got a knee injury, so they could play many minutes again. However they didn't shine at all.

With the comeback of Messi and Neymar, they lost relevance. Munir finally ended one step above Sandro, who has not participated in the second half of the season. In overall, Munir has played 817 minutes and scored 3 goals. Munir played 1,634 minutes and scored 6 goals in 7 matches, some of them decisive.


So now the club is working on the release of Sandro in the summer. According to Sport, FC Barcelona would like to transfer him for €10 million euros. Some clubs have been interested in the services of the striker. Now we'll see which ones he is interested in.

Meanwhile, Munir has the confidence of Luis Enrique and want to renew his contract, since it ends next year. The striker will have more competition next season with the arrival of a new striker and will have to strive to play in the first team.