Piqué: "I'm pretty sure Neymar will never play for Real Madrid"

The player did a Periscope session after the game

Piqué: "I'm pretty sure Neymar will never play for Real Madrid"
Piqué: "I'm pretty sure Neymar will never play for Real Madrid"

The player did a Periscope session after the game

Gerard Piqué

After this Sunday's match vs Sevilla, FC Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué started a Periscope session to talk with fans around the world. The player stopped his car, said he didn't really know how it worked and started to answer questions people did to him. Here you have the translation of some of the best ones:

  • "Playing for Boca Juniors some day? Difficult."
  • "I'm really happy for the win. Three more points which mean part of La Liga, but there are many matches left."
  • "Last season I scored 7 goals. This season I have scored 4, so it's not my best season in terms of goals yet."
  • "We'll see if we can win Champions League. There are strong opponents and we are not in quarterfinals yet."
  • "I like tennis and basketball. I like to practice many sports."
  • "Coming back to United? I'm really happy in Barcelona. United are my second club, but I think my future is in Barça."
  • "Cristiano's statements? Everyone opine what they want."
  • "The most elegant player? Rafinha sometimes wears suits. Neymar and Alves also have a good style."
  • "I hope Barça wins El Clásico. It's always a difficult match, regardless the conditions of the teams."
  • "PSG are a great team and a great opponent. They will be fearsome if they are in quarterfinals."
  • "River or Boca? Masche instilled me River."
  • "Chelsea have options to qualify vs PSG... and you know I have a good relationship with Cesc. I hope things go well for them."
  • "Napoli? I have a friend there, Albiol. I hope it goes well for them."
  • "I really miss Xavi. He is a great player. It was a pity he wanted to leave."
  • "I'm still in touch with Rooney."
  • "I'm really proud to play for FC Barcelona. I think it's the best club in the world, with a lot of difference."
  • "Messi or Maradona? For me Messi, with a huge difference."
  • "My love for Manchester United is too big for me to go to City, so I don't think I play there... despite Pep is a great coach."
  • "Pep or Fergusson? Both are great..."
  • "Lassana Diarra or Busquets? Obviously Busquets."
  • "Puyol and Ramos are really good. For the relationship I have with him, Puyi have always been an example for me."
  • "I hope Mascherano scores and it's a decisive goal to win a title."
  • "Guardiola's Barça and the current one are similar. We want to have the ball and have chances to win the match."
  • "I'm pretty sure Neymar will never go to Real Madrid. He really likes Barcelona and is in love with the club. I really appreciate him and we have a very good relationship. I think he will stay here for many years."
  • "Espanyol or Madrid? We know the relationship I have with these teams... my team is Barça."
  • "It was difficult to beat Sevilla, but we deserved to win."
  • "Before hanging up my boots, I would like to try other leagues, I don't know where. In Colombia, for example; it would be great for Shakira."

Here you will find the full video of Piqué.