Neymar would be crazy to leave Barcelona

Neymar would be crazy to leave Barcelona
Neymar would be crazy to leave Barcelona
Luis Suarez was certainly confident when asked about Neymar's future in midweek: "I am convinced that he will remain at Barcelona. The club supports...
Luis Suarez was certainly confident when asked about Neymar's future in midweek: "I am convinced that he will remain at Barcelona. The club supports him, and I am sure that he will play here for many years", said the Uruguayan when speaking on the future of his strike partner Neymar. 


Being so close to his teammate day in, day out, Suarez obviously has more inside knowledge than most into the Brazilian’s inclinations. However, the Uruguayan's confidence will not make the speculation hovering over Neymar disappear anytime soon.
It has emerged this week that Manchester United reportedly tabled an extraordinary €190 million euro bid for Neymar last summer. The 24-year old's father and agent revealed the offer on Thursday saying: "Manchester United is the club that offered €190m for Neymar." Neymar Sr then went on to ease any Cule's fans fear the forward may depart Catalunya by adding: "He has still two years on his contract, but you all can be calm as my son is so happy here."


Barca fans worldwide will have breathed a sigh of relief on the comments that Neymar is happy and content at the club but until an extension on his current contract, which runs until the summer of 2018, is signed, the question marks remain.


It might seem ludicrous that Neymar would even think about leaving the Camp Nou considering how things are going on the pitch at present. Barcelona are on the hunt for another treble-winning season and Neymar is an integral part of perhaps the most potent forward line the game has ever seen. 


However, while there may not necessarily be compelling or urgent reasons for wanting a move, there a couple of factors that may contribute to Neymar mulling over where he sees himself playing his football over the next few years of his career.
Neymar may have a desire to be the undisputed star man in his team at a club level as he is for the Brazil national team. Despite the No.11's outrageous talent, he is understandably unlikely to be the pivotal man at the club while Lionel Messi is around


It could also just come down to the simple reason that Neymar would like a new challenge. He has already won everything there is to win at the Camp Nou in his three and a half seasons at the club and, if Barca do go on to win it all again this year, Neymar may feel his work in Catalunya is done. 
The same could of course be said of Messi or Andres Iniesta, to name a couple who have also won everything there is to win. The difference is Messi and Iniesta have been at the club since childhood, and Neymar might not have the same emotional connection to the club to the same extent of his teammates.
Neymar has the right to decide his own destiny, of course, but any temptation to leave should be far outweighed by the reasons for remaining at the home of the European champions. Messi and Suarez are both now in their late twenties and while at the moment showing absolutely no signs of weakness, there will come a stage in the future when their explosive qualities slightly diminish as the pair move into their thirties. So at just 24, there will inevitably come a point when the club does look to Neymar as the main focal point.


Another reason for looking elsewhere could be his salary. There are several European superpowers who could and probably would agree to whatever Neymar demands financially. Barcelona are not exactly paupers though and should Neymar go on to sign a new contract, he is unlikely to be struggling to pay the bills. The offer from the club would undoubtedly be incredibly lucrative and put Neymar up with Messi as the club’s highest paid stars.


With the majority of teams these days adopting a formation consisting of a lone striker, it is becoming less and less common to have a strike partnership who work effectively in tandem let alone a trio of forwards who are on exactly the same wavelength. 


Messi, Suarez and Neymar, however, aren't merely on the same wavelength; they seem to have picked up an almost telepathic understanding with one another. It is unlikely Neymar would find teammates who share that same cohesion that destroys opponents on such a consistent basis anywhere else.
Neymar would be crazy to leave Barcelona, especially considering he is valued by his teammates, coaches and supporters, surrounded by spectacularly talented stars and on track to become one of the world's best ever forwards.

By Aaron Attwood, columnist at Barcablog. Follow him on Twitter @ajattwood