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Messi & Alves, the end of an unlimited company

The Brazilian leaves as the player with more assists to Messi

Messi & Alves, the end of an unlimited company
Messi & Alves, the end of an unlimited company

The Brazilian leaves as the player with more assists to Messi

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After 8 years, Dani Alves and Leo Messi will stop being an unlimited company which gave many joy to FC Barcelona. The departure of the Brazilian player means Messi loses one of his best partners when being assisted and creating danger in the right wing.

The story of a really productive connection

Taking a look at data, Alves is the Barcelona player with more goal assists to Messi in his career. Neither Xavi nor Iniesta. Alves' runs in the right wing generated up to 43 assists for Leo Messi. Both players have always get along really well when attacking the opponent's goal.

The Brazilian right-back came to Barça in the 2008/09 season coinciding with Pep Guardiola. The Catalan coach knew that the triangle Alves - Xavi - Messi could be decisive and, from the beginning, he made the game develop in the right zone. Samuel Eto'o was playing as center forward and also benefited from Alves - Messi's association.

The following season, Guardiola opted to place Messi in the false 9 position instead of Ibrahimovic and the Argentine started to score a lot of goals. In the following seasons, Messi was much closer to the opponent's box thanks to the work done by players behind him: Xavi, Iniesta and Alves.

The company continued with Luis Enrique on the bench and Alves' attacking runs were constant. The Brazilian probably lost that freshness when reaching the opponent's box but always get along really well with Messi.

Personal relationship

Outside soccer fields, the relationship has also been really good and the same Leo Messi explained good feeling with Alves: "I've always been close to Alves since we shared right side when he came. We have lived many years together, both in and out of the field. We have forged a strong relationship, which helps on the field; this means that we understand our style really well."

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