Luis Enrique: "I hope we get 100 games unbeaten"

"However, if the streak has to end somewhere, let it be in Molinón"

Luis Enrique: "I hope we get 100 games unbeaten"
Luis Enrique: "I hope we get 100 games unbeaten"

"However, if the streak has to end somewhere, let it be in Molinón"

Luis Enrique showed his most nostalgic verision in the press conference previous to the Sporting Gijón game. Barça's manager is going to the city where he was born, to face the club where he was formed and he will have a duel on the bench with one of his best friends, Pitu Abelardo.

In his answers to journalists, Luis Enrique explained a few anecdotes but he said the priority was his job and that he hopes to extend the unbeatern streak. However, he also said that if it had to end somewhere, "let it be in Molinón".

Objective: to win

"If we win tomorrow, it would be a great result but it wouldn't be definitive.

"I hope the 30-game streak doesn't end but, if it has to end somewhere, let it be in Molinón. But hopefully we get 100 games unbeaten..."

Sporting de Gijón

"I'm 100% from Gijon but now I'm Barça's manager and it is my job. My obligation is to go there to get 3 points."

"From my debut with Sporting I remember the coach made us warm-up inside the dressing room... I don't know why, I'll ask him..."

"Sóc soci des de fa 1.000 anys de l'Sporting, jo sóc seguidor des de petit i ho seré des de la mort. Quan era petit anava al camp amb la bandera que em feia la mare i anava a la zona de més conflicte... La clau és la unió entre el club i la ciutat."

"I've been a Sporting fan for 1,000  years, I'm a fan since I'm a little boy and I will be until I die. When I was young I would go to the stadium with the flag my mother had made and I would go to the zone with the most conflitcts... The union between the club and the city is the key.


"We went to school together when we were 7 years old and after we played in many teams together. He's a very important person in my life, we have a perfect relationship."

"When we were players we never would have imagined we would end up coaching. Last year he succeded in bringing to La Liga a club that wasn't among the best in the competition. I think he can get to salvation in La Liga, although he couldn't sign anyone. He controls the team perfectly and it's really well worked. With playes of a bigger dimension he could do more."


"He has game time and I'm sure tomorrow we'll be able to see it. He is in a contstat evolution alhough he has a long way to go."

Players left out

"Alba and Sergi Roberto are fin but we thouht it was convenient they did't come to Gijón."

Venue for Copa del Rey final

"There will be a Bruce Springsteen concert in Bernabéu at the moment of the Copa el Rey? What a shame, we won't be able to go..."