Iniesta: “We've improved since the beginning"

This Tuesday Andrés Iniesta participated in a promotional event in Barcelona

Iniesta: “We've improved since the beginning"
Iniesta: “We've improved since the beginning"

This Tuesday Andrés Iniesta participated in a promotional event in Barcelona

Andrés Iniesta
Andrés Iniesta

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This Tuesday Andrés Iniesta participated in the promotional event and he answered to questions sent by fans. The player showed himself happy for La Liga and talked about the good moment of the team.

These are his most highlighted statements:

La Liga

“We celebrated as we should. Winning La Liga was very important for us, for our people"


Good moment of the team

“We've improved since the beginning of the season because it all has a process and it's moments. The important thing is that we are inside and we believe in one thing, we won't change the path. The team grow and improving. We are in a very good moment. We are playing for the treble"


"The key is respect and support between all members that build the team. Plus work and effort. There is not much secret. Although later, a decision or little details may decide a title"


"The essence to achieve your dream is to continue despite you fall lots of times."

Xavi Hernández

“I am running out of compliments. I can't find a person and player like him for what he represents. Numbers, years, we regret it, his way of doing thins is above any other word. He is a unique player, irreplaceable and that he has been fundamental for the Club and the national team. It's a true privilege to share all my career by his side"

The best moment

“Football talking I've had a lot of important moments. The first step is to debut with the first team, after so many years watching Camp Nou through the window of La Masia. From then titles come, the goal at Stamford Bridge..."

The importance of his father

“Since I was young he was above me. He always said things to me, we talked. After that I've had many coaches and all of them gave me a lot. I feel priviledged. My career had key moments, but I appreciate all the coached that I've had, from the first to the last"

His future as coach

“It's been three or four years that I don't think about it, but nowadays there is less time to get away from football and it is a situation that I like. We'll see what happens in the future, now we have to enjoy the present and more if I have to play"

His most personal side

  • Career: He is in 3rd grade of science of sport
  • TV show: Breaking Bad
  • Actor: Denzel Wahington
  • Book: La sombra del viento