Iniesta: "Barça and Catalonia have given me everything"

The midfielder talks about his career in the report 'Iniesta de mi vida'

Iniesta: "Barça and Catalonia have given me everything"
Iniesta: "Barça and Catalonia have given me everything"

The midfielder talks about his career in the report 'Iniesta de mi vida'

Iniesta samarreta catalana

Barça's midfielder Andrés Iniesta is the protagonist in the report 'Iniesta de mi vida'. This reports shows the career of Andrés Iniesta originary from Fuentealbilla. 'Iniesta de mi vida', explains the story through all the teammates, coaches, family or journalists that know Iniesta.

From Brunete's tournament, until the player who is now, going trough Eurocups, Worldcup, injuries, the dead of his friend Dani Jarque. The story is explained by him, his family, journalists , teammates from Barça or the national team and his actual coach of the national team Vicente del Bosque, or his ex-teammates Victor Valdés or Pep Guardiola.

Andrés Iniesta

"Barça and Catalonia have given me everything."

“Lots of times you will lose, but the way you have to follow is the one you think it's correct and you want. The important thing is not succeed is the way you chose"

"I no consider myself more humble than others. I'm not a better person or worst than others. I show myself as I am. I don't change in function of the situation that I am."

“The nights were endless and that was really complicated, those were the worst moments ever. The day that I decided to stay here was to do it all costs and I had to cry. The step was not to return."   

Pep Guardiola

“I wont take him to Bayern because there are players like him that have to start and finish their careers at Barça"

“He's amazing it was impossible to not let him play. He is different, the question of the space and the time he is the best one, but he also has the capacity of imbalance. He is a player that in the important games is a reference for the team."  

“It's a great optimism, is a person who has no fear of competition, which has great self-esteem knowing that he is able of doing what he wants."

Víctor Valdés

“I always say that he's my brother, he's more than a friend."

“I thought that we will have one chance. Andrés scored the goal and I just remember that we ran to him. I don't remember nothing else."

Iniesta's Father

“When I arrived, I left him in La Masia and then I went to the hotel to rest. I was very sad. I had no oxyigen in my room, I tough that I was dying. An anxiety attack so I went to pack all the stuff and I went to La Masia to pick him up but his mother told me that it was an amazing oportunity for him." 

“When he was a child, he was a very responsible guy. With 8 years we went to Albacete team where he did exactly what he do now but 30 years ago. Now he's winning all the titles. I have learned from my boy."Q

Iniesta's Granfather

“He came to Fuentealbilla when Barça gave him vacations, he always went to the kitchen and came out crying. I asked him if he wanted to stay at home but he replied me that he wanted to go back to Barcelona, so I told him not to cry because it was not going to solve anything crying."