Infantino, elected new FIFA president

He got 115 votes in the second round

Infantino, elected new FIFA president
Infantino, elected new FIFA president

He got 115 votes in the second round

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Gianni Infantino has been elected new president of FIFA, the governing body of football worldwide. The Swiss has won for 115 votes, ahead of the 88 for Salman and 4 for Ali. Infantino will chair the organization until 2019.

The elections for the presidency of FIFA have required a second vote round, since in the first Infantino has not come to collect the required two-thirds vote. The Swiss had obtained 88 votes, ahead of Salman (85), Ali (27) and Champagne (7). In the second round it was enough to get more than 50% of votes.

Infantino thus replaces Sepp Blatter as head of FIFA. In recent years, Blatter, who was president for 17 years, has been surrounded by corruption cases.

"We will restore the image of FIFA"

After knowing the result, the new thrilled president said some words:

  • "We need respect. We need the world to respect football and FIFA again."
  • "Football has gone through tough times, but this is over."
  • "I want to be the president of all of you, all the 209 national associations."
  • "I want to work with you to restore the prestige of FIFA worldwide."

Infantino has been General Secretary of UEFA since 2009, well known by football fans for their presence in the Champions League and Europa League draws. Now, he did one step further and started a new era at the head of FIFA, with the challenge of stop corruption in the governing body of football.