Guardiola: "Messi is unstoppable"

Bayern Munich manager preview of Barcelona clash

Guardiola: "Messi is unstoppable"
Guardiola: "Messi is unstoppable"

Bayern Munich manager preview of Barcelona clash

Pep Guardiola sat in the sit he used during 4 years when he was Barcelona manager. Now dressed with Bayern Munich's kit, facing a Champions League semifinal against his former team, Guardiola attended the media in his pre-match press conference. Pep admitted it won't be an easy match for him and his club, and he said Messi is unstoppable. 

Coming back

"It's incredible to come back here. I have got lots of memories and it's very special to be here".

"I've spent 30 years of my life here, but now I have come back as Bayern coach. I must give the best of me".

"It won't be easy. I am really happy to be here. It's a big challenge to reach the Berlin final". 

"I sat here during 4 years. I knew sooner or later this could happen. The first time is always the first time". 

Tribute? I am here to win

"I am not here for a tribute. I am here to reach the Champions League final with Bayern".

"It's not a normal match for me".

Stopping Messi

"I suspect that, in the way he is playing, he's unstoppable"

Stopping Barça

"There are very few defensive systems that can control talent. Barça is a very good team".

"Talent decides. Messi, Suarez, Neymar, They are in advantatge because they know the way I think". 

"We need to score here. It will be impossible just to defend. We are an attacking team"

"I don't think the match tomorrow will end 0-0, but anything can happen".

"I had an idea. Then, after watching Barça matches, I changed my mind in some things, but the idea is the same".

Celebrating goals

Guardiola: "(Celebrate goals?) I don't know, but my respect for Barça won't be determined by the way I celebrate"


Guardiola: "If we had been complainig about injuries, we wouldn't have been German champions and we wouldn't be here. I've never complained"

Guardiola: "I don't know if it's the most difficult match of my career, but it's a big challenge"


"Thiago is really happy to come back here. We are both what we are because of what we lived here".