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Luis Suárez's favorite goalThis is Luis Suárez's week. This Wednesday he did two great goals at PSG's field and on Monday, thousand of kilometers...

Luis Suárez's favorite goal

This is Luis Suárez's week. This Wednesday he did two great goals at PSG's field and on Monday, thousand of kilometers away and where he spent his childhood, at Montevideo, a huge wall with a photo of him celebrating a goal. The wall, a graffiti of a Brazilian artist, can be seen in the playground of the school where Luis Suárez studied until he was 12. The idea was by the company Pinturas Inca, from Uruguay, and the managers contacted Luis Suárez to know which his favorite image was. Luisito chose the celebration of one of his two goals scored with Uruguay's jersey against England in the Brazil World Cup. Maybe the next graffiti will be filled with a celebration of one of the two goals scored on PSG's field.

The captain without card

The update of FC Barcelona members' census caused many people losing the quality of being members for not having attended the club's offices. Hundreds of anonymus people and some more well-known. The former captain of Barça's Basket team, Roger Grimau, lost the affiliation for some hours. A call from a trustworthy person to the club saved the situation. Like a three-point shot in the last second.

Diplomatic envy

A few months ago and thanks to Director Pau Vilanova's help, a new supporting group was created, Penya Diplomacia Blaugrana, consisting of members of the international diplomatic corps based in Madrid. The penya's president is Jose Maria Rodríguez Coso, introducer of ambassadors from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Spanish government. The ambassadors of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay were in the suite of Camp Nou in a game last December. This photograph ran the 600-km distance that separate Camp Nou and Bernabéu faster than the high-speed train and made R. Madrid president, Florentino Pérez, raise the phone. A few days after, members of the Spanish Foreign Ministry asked the president of the new penya why Barça had a diplomatic penya but Madrid didn't.