Fernando Roig: "With Messi, Villarreal would win La Liga"

The Yellow Submarine is a model of business management

Fernando Roig: "With Messi, Villarreal would win La Liga"
Fernando Roig: "With Messi, Villarreal would win La Liga"

The Yellow Submarine is a model of business management

Fernando Roig

Fernando Roig Negueroles (son of Fernando Roig Alfonso, president and majority shareholder of the club) is Managing Director of Villarreal. In an interview to the newspaper Sport he explains how they prepare the Barça game on Sunday:

Barça - Villarreal

  • "I would like to stop their great streak of several months. [...] There is no opponent that crushed us. We are a team that always competes well."
  • "The first we would have to do is to eliminate Messi [laughs].'

Messi or Cristiano?

  • "Messi is inifinitely superior to Cristiano Ronaldo. He's way above the others, he's the best player in history."
  • "With Messi, Villarreal would win La Liga. We wouldn't be champions with 100 points, but we would be at the top."

Barça or Madrid?

  • "I don't know the secrets, but Barça have something Madrid don't: a clearly defined style from the academy to the first team that exists since Cruyff's era."
  • "Com a espectador, prefereixo veure el Barça abans que el Madrid".
  • "As a spectator, I prefer to see Barça more than Madrid."

Messi or Maradona?

  • "Maradona had three years at the top level in Naples. Messi has been winning titles constantly for the past two years and he's been the best player in the world for nine years and a half."

Denis Suárez

  • "We can only say we are very satisfied with Denis Suárez."
  • "I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but with Barcelona's system I think Denis would be better in the centre of the pitch."

Riquelme's season in Villarreal, much better than in Barcelona.

  • "He had a very good year, although it wasn't the one of the Champion's semi-final."
  • "In Barça he never felt really comfortable."

Football academy

  • [They have 2 training centres, 13 pitches] "We allocate almost 10% of the budget, between 7 and 8 milion euros."
  • "It's profitable to us in every sense: socially, sportswise..."
  • "It's already profitable to us just to include some of the players from the academy in the first team to reduce the cost some of the 25 federative signings."


  • "We are strong and we don't need to sell. But we are reasonable and we understand that if a player is being multiplied his wage by 5 we can not ruin his sports career and his economic career."
  • "We have already trouble double a salary. It's better to accept it naturally, but we sell at a reasonable price."


  • "There will be a year in which we have a bit of the luck we had not in other occasions and we will be able to win a trophy."
  • "Winning La Liga in Spain is almost impossible, but in a knockout competition it is all more doable."

Economic health of Villarreal

  • "One time we had a problem and we couldn't pay United what we had promised, therefore we took a plane, we decided new terms and in eventually we paid."

Economic model of football clubs

  • "Villarreal, at first, had a deficit and now it has been four or five years that we make profit [...] Football is profitable now for Spain."
  • "Another thing that is different is that the excess is used to pay debts of the past."