Denis Suárez and one player per line

Barça are planning on signing players in defense, in the midfield and up front

Denis Suárez and one player per line
Denis Suárez and one player per line

Barça are planning on signing players in defense, in the midfield and up front

Nolito Denis Stones

When the home stretch towards the end of the season is coming, and titles are being clinched (which is what teams mainly think about), rumours start to appear, as well as speculations and news on Barcelona the transfer market. Today the daily newspaper Marka says Barça is planning on spending 50 million euros in reinforcement, plus the money they will get from sales. How will they invest it?

Denis Suárez and the midfield

This is only name everyone is sure about: Denis. Once the Galician's come-back (which will cost Barça 3 million euros) complete, with Rafinha's recovery, all the zones of the midfield will be complete. But it won't be the only novelty in the midfield: contracts will be re-evaluated for Busquets and Rakitic. Luis Enrique doesn't think it is necessary to sign any more players.

A centre-back

Preferably a left centre-back. This is a club priority, which is also looking into Bartra (Miguel Rico says Fiorentina could be the next destination for him) and Vermaelen's (who has good contacts in Premier League) exits this summer. If they do leave, they would be more names on the line. Besides the usual Laporte and Marquinhos, there are also candidates like Giménez of Atlético, or Stones of Everton.

A forward

The club is also looking to add a player that could be the 4th versatile forward. Although Luis Enrique has always vowed for Nolito at this position, it is unsure the Andalusian ends up being the one they choose. The idea is to keep Munir as a 5th option, while Sandro seems to be outside more than inside the club.

Other signings

There is a 4th signing that must be taken into account: a full-back. Douglas doesn't count, Adriano is on the transfer list (despite his renewal) and Alves could leave (Miguel Rico suspects a multi-million offer from China). Given those situations, the arrival of another defender is to be considered.

The daily Marca is also warining about the possibility to add a goalkeeper. Although there are currently two guaranteed players at this positions (Ter Stegen and Bravo), it is uncertain that this pair will remain the same in the future. The two goalies could even ask to leave this summer. It seems logical, as they both want to play while Luis Enrique splits them according to the competition.