Del Bosque: "It's 50-50 between Barça and Atlético"

He thinks that both Madrid teams "would like to be in Barça's position in La Liga"

Del Bosque: "It's 50-50 between Barça and Atlético"
Del Bosque: "It's 50-50 between Barça and Atlético"

He thinks that both Madrid teams "would like to be in Barça's position in La Liga"

Vicente del Bosque

Spanish national team coach, Vicente del Bosque, gave on Monday a large interview to Catalunya Ràdio's Club de la Mitjanit in his office of the Ciudad Deportiva of Las Rozas, in Madrid.

La Liga

  • "Titles are not decided until you win them."
  • "Problems appear and disappear: there is game every three days, and we analyse very often, very radically."
  • "Real Madrid and Atlético would like to be in Barça's position in La Liga."

The Champion's League

  • "I feel confident about the comeback, because it doesn't have to be an epic one. They have to win a game that is currently going 0-2."
  • "L’eliminatòria entre el Barça i l’Atlètic de Madrid està al 50%".
  • "The quarter-final between Barça and Atlético is 50-50."


  • "Xavi has been an extraordinary player. He will be a good coach."
  • "Essential, in the end... Well, we don't have to dramatise things. We have now a very good relationship."


  • "He comes because we thing he's a great centre-back. He has never been a problem."
  • "He's very much involved, with Barça as well as with the Spanish national team."

Sergi Roberto

  • "Maybe the 12th player of Barça's squad, always with an excellent performance."
  • "When I was young, they put us one day in each position. You had to win the sympathy not only of the coach but also of the teammates."
  • "He has something special when he's in the first team... He's not a nobody."


  • "I would like him to play more, for sure. He did well with us."
  • "In big teams, centre-backs have to defend a lot of ground. He's very exposed."
  • "We have called him until now, we'll see if he makes the cut."

Víctor Valdés

  • "For sure football has been unfair to him."
  • "Ha was playing very well in Barça and a punctual injury changed his trajectory."

Messi or Cristiano?

  • "I like them both. Why do we have to say who is better, if nobody knows?"


  • "Barça benefitiated from his knowledge and the way he was."
  • "The 0-5 was very painful. But football gives you many opportunities to make it up: we won a Copa del Rey final against them 4-0."

Luis Enrique

  • "Yes, he could be the national team coach. Being from Barça won't prevent him from anything."
  • "When he was playing, I didn't think he could end up being a coach."


  • "He could perfectly be the national team coach. It's not a problem that he is pro-independence."
  • "I'm from Salamanca and him from Santpedor, we couldn't think the same about this."

Being the Spanish national coach

  • "In a club, maybe there are more 'obsessions' because of the daily aspect of it. In the national team it is all fine."
  • "The unanimity for things is impossible."
  • "The new national team coach will be chosen in 3 minutes. It won't be a problem."

Kubala, who was his national team coach

  • "He was a good man, an very excellent person. He brought a very good atmosphere in the national team."
  • "We who were gathered with him have no complaint."

New technologies

  • "I'm not thinking about banning Periscope. We have to adapt to the modern times."
  • "UEFA surely will regulate the use of social media. We don't like to ban things..."
  • "I used the iPad very much, but they advised me not to go on Twitter."

Here is the best of the interview (in Spanish):