Dani Alves: "Right now I'm almost out of FC Barcelona"

Barça's right-back appeared in the press room to talk about his future

Dani Alves: "Right now I'm almost out of FC Barcelona"
Dani Alves: "Right now I'm almost out of FC Barcelona"

Barça's right-back appeared in the press room to talk about his future

Dani Alves' press conference:

The final

"It's a prize to play a final, it's difficult to get there. I wish we could do things as we did until today"

"I will try to enjoy what was difficult to achieve for us"

"After the Champions League final I will try to inform about what I'm going to do next season. I am here to talk about things, because a lot of nonsense were said about me. I had to handle to much, I've reached my limit"

"I want to enjoy being champion"

"I feel being inside the team, I don't know about the Club but I'm in the team at my 200%"

"We have to be careful against Juventus, they have great players, they eliminated the last Champions winners. We have to play a tough match, we have to take care about every detail in a very difficult match"

His contract expiration

"My contract doesn't expire until June 30 but I only think about enjoying the two finals, I will fight to the end"

"I haven't talked with Luis Enrique about my future, it's my own decision. People don't affect my decisions, I am responsible for them"

"The Club want me to stay but I've been here for 7 years. I have to look for balance in my life"

"I'm sure since the start of the season the coach is happy with my work, I am dedicated to my job and I care about all details"

"The Club didn't want to renew my contract and I felt a little underestimated"

"A candidate of president has talked to me but I won't wait to the elections to decide what I will do, I will tell until the Champions League final"

"I don't need nobody to ask me to stay. I spent here the best years of my life"


"I am not thinking about money, I want to be valued by the Club. My contract expires but I won't accept that somebody say I don't do nothing for this club"

"I don't feel valued by the Club. I have to take decisions thinking about this"

"I always said I would like to stay in Barça but not at any price. I deserve respect because nobody did what I've done for this Club"

"It's not about the price, it's a matter of defending what's mine"

"I've talked with the president, about what I would accept, the Club know it"

"I feel like when we lose it is my fault but as my friend Pep says, nothing affects me"

"It's an honor for me to share the locker room with a professional like Xavi, he taught me every day how a professional must behave"

Other team's offers

"It's better that we not compare the offers by other teams but Barça would be trashed against other teams"

"I've never felt essential for this Club but I do my best to play, the coach doesn't make me play because I'm handsome, I play because I do my best"

"The president knows what he has to do for me to stay"