Curious facts about Iceland, the surprise of the Euros

A small island to the North of the Atlantic has got into the 8 best teams in Europe

Curious facts about Iceland, the surprise of the Euros
Curious facts about Iceland, the surprise of the Euros

A small island to the North of the Atlantic has got into the 8 best teams in Europe


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Iceland is, without a doubt, the big revelation of the summer. 6 years ago it was the volcano Eyjafjallajökull's eruptions that bloked the whole European air space, but this year the leading role is held by the Icelandic national team in the Euro 2016.

They keep on surprising everyone with a country of just over 330,000 inhabitants as they managed to qualify for the competition's quarter-finals, eliminating a World Champion team, England.

Here are 5 curious facts about the volcanic team.

The team: make up a list by ruling out people

Taking into account that Iceland's population would just fill a few districts of Barcelona, one of the first questions that come to mind is: "How have they managed to get a competitive team together?" One Twitter user answered the question in an original way:


Going from the figure of 332,529 inhabitants in Iceland, he eliminated the people that weren't eligible to play the Euros. In order: Women, underaged people, people over 35 years ols, overweight people, people working (earthquake controllers, volcanos controllers, shepherds), the 23 imprisoned bankers, blind people, sick people, hospital workers, policemen and firemen, in addition to the ones that came to the stadium, the team's doctor, the physiotherapist, the masseur, the water carrier and 7 people in charge of managing the national team.

Once all those people are ruled out, we're left with the 23 men that are wearing Iceland's shirt in the European Championships. Obviously, at the end of the chart, it is specified that the coach is Swedish.

The fans: a loyal public

The impact of the Icelandic adventure in the Euros is very important in the country. So much that people who haven't come to France to follow the competition live are stuck to the TV watching the games. The Icelandic channel Sjónvaep Símans (created specifically for the Euros) got this incredible numbers: the round of 16 against England gathered 99.8% of Icelanders that were watching TV at that moment. This figure is better than the one they had for the Hungary game (the last one of the group stage) that gathered 98.5% of the spectators.

The media: an explosive commentator

One of the main beneficiaries of the Icelanders' interest for their national team are media professionals. In this European Championships the commentator of Iceland's games is becoming particularly famours, because of the way he has of commenting the national team's goals.


The opponents: a wrong prediction

Iceland are still yet to lose a game in the European Championships. Until now they summed up 2 draws and 2 wins. The fact they started the competition drawing with Portugal was already a big surprise, mostly because the Icelanders equalised after Nani's initial goal. Seeing the great joy Bjarnasson's team provoked, Cristiano Ronaldo made some controversial statements and a bad prediction: "They have a small mentality and this way they won't achieve anything in the competition."

For now, the Icelanders are still alive in the Euros, they have reached the quarter-finals, just like Portugal has. But with a small difference: Iceland eliminated a World Champion team on the way...

The celebration

After they knocked out England in the round of 16, Iceland players gathered, on the pitch, in front of the curve where the fans were still singing. To celebrate the qualification, they made a spectacular choreography that some have called the "Icelandic haka".