Casillas's parents preferred Barça to Porto

They see in Barça more lordship

Casillas's parents preferred Barça to Porto
Casillas's parents preferred Barça to Porto

They see in Barça more lordship

Casillas Florentino

Iker Casillas's parents, Mari Carmen and José Luis have criticized Florentino Perez in an interview with the newspaper El Mundo. They talked about his son, who has received pressures, poor relationship with the current president of Real Madrid, his departure from the white club and his future at Porto. And they have also spoken about Barça.


His mother, very critical and always advising Iker Casillas, despite the bad relationship with his son, she said "Oporto is a very bad team for a player like Iker. A world champion can't finish in Oporto. He could have gone to Barça because they are more lordship". Altough his father says that "Iker would be better in Manchester United or in PSG... but we can't say this".

Casillas parents also who said, "we're afraid that Iker will end like a broken toy".

His exit of Real Madrid

Casillas parents also have been very upset by the way they've fired his son, and doubt whether they are Real Madrid fans or Florentino who really want out the goalkeeper: "It will be good to make a referendum among all members about my son as has been done in Greece... Let's see what they say". They also added and compared a myth as Casillas with the departure of Pirlo from Juventus: "I'm envious to see how Pirlo has left his team and we don't understand why they haven't done the same with my son."

Florentino Pérez

They have directly accused the president of mounting a smear campaign against Casillas in 2010. And added "Florentino has made our son passing a hard time. Calderón behaved better". Speaking of presidents, they have valued the esteem in which he has Florentino and have had it the other leaders. "In the steps of Lorenzo Sanz and Calderon yes, but not Florentino. He has never loved him because he is small. Florentino likes the taller. He was always obsessed with bringing Buffon. My Iker has endured what isn't written, has endured a psychological pressure, has been given a different treatment compared to other players".

But they also talked about what really bothered the white president, it was the World Cup: "We know that what annoyed most Florentino was that my son could win titles and annoyed more when he won a World Cup".