Bartomeu explains possible options to reinforce the attack

The president tackled all of the sporting topics in the news

Bartomeu explains possible options to reinforce the attack
Bartomeu explains possible options to reinforce the attack

The president tackled all of the sporting topics in the news


Besides tackling the institutional topics of Barça, Josep Maria Bartomeu also went on the sporting news of the squad and mentionned the potential signings. One of the novalties is that Bartomeu explained the two options Barça are looking into for the 4th striker position.

On the one side, there is the possibility to sign a young promising striker that would have a higher price but could pay off longer. On the other, there is the option of incorporating an older footballer that would arrive for a far more economic price and whose productivity would be immediate. Given Bartomeu's explanations it seems like he is more in favour of the first options, since the footballer would have more time and the operation would be easier to do. Along those lines, he mentioned the qualities of the young Palmeiras player Gabriel Jesús. However, he didn't want to give his opinion on Gameiro, the 29 year-old player for whom Sevilla asks 40 million euros of buyout clause.

This is what Bartomeu had to say about the rest of the sporting issues.


"The club didn't want Dani Alves out. He had one more year of contract. When we renewed Alves' contract last year, he wanted a larger one and we said no. However, we agreed on the zero-clause part."


"Umtiti reached an agreement with Olympique Lyonnais for 25 million euros without variables. We only wait for the player's approval."

Sell players

"Barça is not a club used to selling players, only the ones who want to leave do so. In recent years, we've made 231 million euros in 6 years. I don't think Barça doesn't know how to sell."

Ter Segen and Bravo

"Bravo and Ter Stegen are today's goalkeepers. They're a good headache for Luis Enrique. They're excellent goalkeepers and none of them will leave."


"Mascherano won't leave Barça either."

"Robert travelled to talk to him and Mascherano said he wanted to stay."

Barça B

"We want to build a team to get promotion to Segunda A. The coaches consider that the youth team isn't ready yet for the Segunda B and that it is best they remain in the youth category.

Gabriel Jesus 

"I have seen him 4 or 5 times with Palmeiras and he is a different player."


"He's a footballer who matters in the club's future. What we will think about is being able to get him back."

Arda Turan

"Arda Turan will stay for next season. And Aleix Vidal as well. We count on them."


"There will be more exits."

"There are players who we will renew."

"When he comes back from holidays, we will talk to Luis Enrique to know about his plans. No socio wants Luis Enrique to leave."


"I'm very sad that he leaves. Asking for patience is complicated. I hope he comes back in the future."