Zubizarreta: "Our unique option has always been ter Stegen"


Zubizarreta: "Our unique option has always been ter Stegen"

Marc-André ter Stegen, new Barça's goalkeeper, was presented this Thrusday midday. Before he talked, sports director, Andoni Zubizarreta, and sports vice president, Jordi Mestre, wanted to welcome ter Stegen and wish him luck. Mestre also explained the numbers of the contract. Zubizarreta also answered some of the media questions. These are the main highlights:

Ter Stegen's skills

"Ter Stegen is a skillful goalkeeper. He plays really well with his feet."

"Ter Stegen has a strong personality and he showed that after making mistakes."

"Despite ter Stegen is really young, I think he is totally prepared."

The first contacts with ter Stegen

"We first saw ter Stegen in 2010. Over these years, everyone in the club has seen him."

A good relationship with Borussia

"We want to thank, as Jordi Mestre said, Borussia Mönchengladbach for their friendliness and good manners."

Other options?

Asked about Courtois: "Our option has been ter Stegen, any other. And it has been like this for two years."

Víctor Valdés

"I want to remember Víctor Valdés, and thank for all he has given to us."