Piqué: "I'm back, but with caution"

Guardiola gave him the best advice

Piqué: "I'm back, but with caution"
Piqué: "I'm back, but with caution"

Guardiola gave him the best advice

After realizing that during the two or three first months of the season extra sport issues were affecting him on the pitch, Gerard Piqué decided to get clean and disconnect from everything (internet, television, etc.) "I didn't want to know anything about the world, I wanted to be like in a caved. Now I'm back, but with caution." This is what he explained to an interview to Ara newspaper, on Sunday.

Football is unexpected

"We are playing a great football, we have good results and we have the chance to do it. But if you go two months ago, look where we were and where Real were. Football is unexpected. Like Cholo Simeone says, game by game and we'll see what happens in April."

Messi likes to rock

"Now he likes to rock [laugh]. And he is one of the most friendly ones in the team and this is good."

Guardiola, the best adviser

"Pep was the one who made me doubt... All coaches tell you what to do but Pep told it because you were meant to do it. He made you understand football."

Tito's unforgettable memory

"I still can see Tito on this field, kicking the ball. I will always remember the passes he did, wet pitch, the ball rolling... He taught me how to be honest, knowing how to behave after vicotories and after defeats."

Being businessman

"There are 30 workers, 30 salaries to be paid, this is why I'm proud. I chose facilities in Sant Joan Despí, to spend there two or three times per week after leaving the Sports City. It allows me to disconnect from football."


"I like the American culture, which talks about what to do. Do you work? You work. You don't work? Get sacked. This, from my point of view, makes young people to find the job that they want, because seniors leave space so they relaxed and they don't do the same like before. Right now we are suffering a lot of unemployment here and this must be improved."

Milan, number 1 fan

"When he enters the parking at Camp Nou he screams: "Barça, Barça, Barça," arrives at the stadium and he watches the whole 90 minutes... And after that when you take him home he says no, that he wants to be at the stadium."

"Moc-moc" on Twitter

"When I arrived here being 21 I was uninhibited, but Puyol was his age and he was also in. It was brutal, that age... Now I look back, it was like flying. It all went so fast... We won everyghing."

Jokes with caution

"Yes, but I don't go without emergency break. I suppose you grow older. In the end it's experience, it gives you caution."

And after Barça, what?

"Maybe I would go to America, but not for playing football. Football and Barça always went along for me, and when they separate I will retire."