On the right path (1-2)

Barça managed to win the Champions League Round of 16 first-leg match 

On the right path (1-2)
On the right path (1-2)

Barça managed to win the Champions League Round of 16 first-leg match 

Luis Suárez Manchester

Great first half by Barça, they pressured very well against City and scored two goals at the first half. However, the second half was as not as good, for Manchester City went on willing to set the match back. The home team lost one player after he was sent off and apparently Barça should had the advantage but they couldn't manage to do it. Messi even missed a penalty at the end of the second half.

The match

The match started out well for Barça but after pressuring City were together on the midfield. 

At minute 8 Neymar lost the ball, Zabaleta got it and passed to Agüero but Mascherano appeared to save at the edge of the box!

The first attempt came by Suárez's foot, at minute 12. Fernando lost the ball and the Uruguayan tried the cross but he failed and he tried to kick.

At minute 16 Messi crossed on the box, Suárez header, Kompany missed the refuse and Suárez kick left-footed and goal (0-1)!

Suárez kept on trying again!! Though Hart saved it. After a great pass by Neymar. The keeper blocked the kick with his feet.

Suárez was on fire and he didn't last long to score the second goal!! At minute 31 great a move by Leo Messi, he beat all defenses, pass to Alba who crossed to the Uruguayan scored the second goal!! (0-2)

HALF TIME. Barça controlled the first half of the game with two scored goals, both from Suárez. CITY 0 BAR 2

At the second half Manchester City started the match very motivated and attacked with 2 corners in a row and one later. Dzeko missed the target when he was alone facing Ter Stegen.

At minute 54 Agüero started a fast attack but the kick went out close to Ter Stegen's post, Manchester City's attack went from less to more. They tried some changes, however, they didn't find the way to set Barça back.

At minute 59 Clichy was sent off, after he committed a foul and he was shown a second yellow card.

Messi lost the ball, City started a fast counter-attack, great assist by Silva and Agüero beat Ter Stegen at minute 70 trying the set-back.

At minute 71 Mathieu went on for Rakitic

Alves was replaced by Adriano at minute 75

At minute 80 Pedro went on for Neymar

Messi was disallowed a goal for he was offside

Messi kicked a penatly, but Hart saved it and after that his header missed the target.

FULL TIME. Champions League Round of 16 first leg match that Barça won with great authority. Good away match.