Luis Enrique, always from least to most

Luis Enrique's teams usually finish the league better than how they started

Luis Enrique, always from least to most
Luis Enrique, always from least to most

Luis Enrique's teams usually finish the league better than how they started

Luis Enrique

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After 4 months of Luis Enrique on Barça's bench, the coach is on his most complicated moment. Two defeats in a row in La Liga (the first one at Bernabéu) made criticism appear, in Barcelona and also in Madrid, but if we take a wider approach, we will see that it's normal that teams coached by Luis Enrique take their time to start performing well. They finish the season better than they start. But don't forget that Barça were leaders in the first 10 weeks.

2008-09 season, Barça B at 2nd Division B

Luis Enrique started his career as coach at Barça B (Then called Barça Atlètic) with a defeat. In the 9th week, they only had 7 points (thanks 2 wins and 1 draw) and were the penultimate team in the standings. From that moment, they started winning until the 22th week. And from the 24th to the 38th, a single defeat. The team finished 5th in Second Division B.

2009-10 season, Barça B at 2nd Division B

Luis Enrique's second year started with 2 defeats in the 3 first matches. After 6 weeks, only one win and 3 defeats. Afterwards, 12 wins and 2 draws, between the 7th and the 20th week. They went from the last position to the second in the standings. They finished in that positon, which allowed them to take part in the play-offs. They promoted to 2nd Division A.

2010-11 season, Barça B at 2nd Divison A

In the 42 weeks of the Secon Division A (where 22 teams compete), the worst position was achieved in the 3rd week: 11th. Despite being between the 4th and the 7th place, after the week 25 3 defeats and 1 draw in 5 matches made them lower to the 9th place. But then a series of good results: 4 wins to reach 4th position. They finally finished 3rd, and could have taken part at the play-off to first division, but this was not possible because Barça have the first team there.

2011-12 season, Rome at Serie A

From Second Division to Italian Serie A. Luis Enrique started his experience with 2 draws and 1 defeat. The giallorosso team moved between the 10th and the 4th position until they set in the 6th. At the end they dropped a little bit and ended in the 7th position.

20013-14 season, Celta at 1st Divison

After a year without coaching, Luis Enrique started his experience at La Liga in Celta. He did a good job to consolidate this team at First Division, because last year they were about to be relegated. This season, the team started with 3 draws and 1 win, which placed them in the low part of the table. 4 consecutive defeats and 9th position. From the 10th to the 22th week, irregularity, with good wins (0-5 vs Málaga) with clear defeats (3-0 at Bernabéu). Then defeats against Atlético de Madrid and Barça. But the final part of the season was really good: 4 wins in 5 matches (2-0 against Madrid included) which allowed them to finish 9th in La Liga.