What does Luis Suárez has to do to fit in the team? By Ricard Torquemada

Barça's #9 has to find his role in the team

What does Luis Suárez has to do to fit in the team? By Ricard Torquemada
What does Luis Suárez has to do to fit in the team? By Ricard Torquemada

Barça's #9 has to find his role in the team

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A lot of things influence on Luis Suárez's performance. First of all, we have to remember that he is just starting and he only played 3 matches with Barça. We are analyzing his game on November, like if we do it during his pre-season.

Suárez, Messi and Neymar

Against Real Madrid and against Celta Vigo we saw him being assistant because he was far from the goal. Messi can come from the right wing with no problems if he understands that it is only a starting point to end at the same place. The Argentinian is used to play through the centre and not having anyone in front of him. Although, against Ajax he played a very second half from the right wing, he interpreted very good his rythm and he understood very well the game.

Start on the right to end at the centre. Barça don't play with open wingers, what makes Neymar to end through the centre. On the other side, Luis Suárez improves if he can go to thr attacking midfielder zone.

Messi on the right and Suárez as nine, the Argentinian will feel comfortable having a strong midfielder on his back that he covers his back. Therefore, Rakitic can do a lot of work, since he is less strong physically which will make Messi not feeling alone.

Messi's shadow

All footballers who play with Messi suffer a change. Before, Suárez only looked at the goal, now he looks at the goal and at Messi. The example is against Ajax when he decided to cross to Messi, when before, his first option was to finish the move.

Barça's 9 has to find his role. Before he was a franchise player, and now he has to find his role. Where there is Messi you have to adjust yourself. Neymar assumed very fast his role and he came to help Messi.

Suárez as nine

At the second half against Ajax he played as centre forward, where he is more comfortable. He has the same function as he had in Liverpool. But as winger it is more difficult for him, he is in a situation where he has to understand more things. Playing as nine will be easier for him.

He just needs time of communal living. Luis Suárez knows that he can't compete against Messi, and he knows that he will have to try to become a special player from the second row.

In the past, wherever he played, he was the reference in attacking, he had a lot of freedom and he was the attacking leader of the team. Currently, if he plays through the right he is not the main reference and therefore he has to do a collective work. It has nothing to do from the right at Liverpool than in Barça. On the other hand, as centre forward, his duties don't change much.

The ban and the obsession for the goal

Against Ajax he rushed with the kick. He could kick with the right foot but he kicked with the left one and he doesn't get along with it. There is no doubt that he needs to score, so when he scores the first goal he won't relax. Logicaly, now he is anxious to score, in the future he will have to improve and adjust tactically.

Against Real Madrid and Celta Vigo we saw him as assistant. Furthermore, he has a point of anxiety for he has been banned, waiting for the moment to play. He also has a point with the moral duty for the ba, since he arrived a little late for his misatke and this makes him not being balanced totally. He regretted it a lot after failing each move in the match against Ajax. I think it is very good for him to passional, but he doesn't have to regret each mistake.