Barça's forward line reach El Clásico stronger and with better numbers than Real Madrid's


Barça's forward line reach El Clásico stronger and with better numbers than Real Madrid's

On Sunday El Clásico will be played at Camp Nou and if take a look on both forward lines we will see that Barça's reach stronger than Carlo Ancelotti's. MSN scored more goals than BBC and also assisted more.

MSN scored 82 goals, BBC 77

The 3 tenors scored a total of 82 goals in all competitions in 2014/15 season, while Real's forward line scored 5 less goals, 77. With assists theres is still more difference, since Barça's forward line scored 47, while the Whites scored 42.

Furthermore, we must highlight that this numbers are in all competitions, and Real Madrid this season played more than Barça: Supercopa de España, Europe Supercup and the FIFA Club World Cup.

Another data shows that the superiority of the MSN is that one of the three tenors score a goal every 103 minutes, while BBC need 127.


A lot of jokes have been done about the speech by Cristiano Ronaldo in the Baloon d'Or gala, but leaving aside the comment about what he shouted on the stage, apparently his words became the best motivation for Barça's number 10. The Portuguese got the award while Messi was apparently living one of his worst moments and the reaction has been huge. 

Messi has beaten Cristiano

The Argentinian had scored, in 5 months, 25 goals and he assisted 14. Since Ronaldo motivated him, the Argentinian scored 18 goals and assisted 10 times, and only a couple of months passed. In that moment Ronaldo was beating Messi with 8 goals in all competitions, since he scored 33, and from the moment he received the award he only scored 8, leaving Messi ahead  with two more goals (43 goals).

He has the support of fans

Furthermore, cheering for both teams are very different. The Argentinian comes from hearing the shouts of 'Messi, Messi, Messi' of Camp Nou's stands, while Cristiano received critizism since he celebrated a party for his birthday.


Both forwards arrived at the same time to their teams, but Neymar's performance this season is superior to the Welsh's. The Brazilian scored 26 goals and assisted 8 tiems, while Bale scored 10 goals and assisted the same number of times.

Neymar has scored 10 goals more than Bale

Nobody can argue that Bale's speed is unstoppable, but this season he didn't connect with the midfield and he didn't score a lot of times. Modric's injury was also bad for him and he was very critizised these last 3 months.

He connected with Messi

Neymar on the other hand, last season he didn't adapt himself so fast as the White forward, but this year he perfectly connected with Messi. El Clásico is here when less goals is he scoring, since he doesn't score since the match against Levante more than a month ago (Februray 15). But Barça's number 11 didn't lose the support of fans and his special moves, tunnels and dances with the ball, the lack of aim is not a matter.


Benzema beat Luis Suárez in number of goals, since he scored 20, 7 more than the Barça player, but you must know that the Uruguayan didn't start to play until October 25, for FIFA's ban. Moreover, the forward needed an extra time of adaptation which started from October and at the start he had problems when facing the goal.

Suárez's killer instinct 

But the visit in England to play against City was used as turning point and from then Barça are enjoying his killer instinct. In addition, Suárez helped the team in other ways from the start and he has assisted more times than Benzema. Suárez assisted 15 times and the French 13.