Bartra: "Of course we can win the three titles!"

Focused in the present, the center-back doesn't want to think about the future

Bartra: "Of course we can win the three titles!"
Bartra: "Of course we can win the three titles!"

Focused in the present, the center-back doesn't want to think about the future

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This weekend we don't have Liga's matches and Marc Bartra is with the Spanish National Team to play this Friday a Eurocup classifying match against Ukraine —and a friendly next Tuesday against The Netherlands. The newspaper Sport could interview him. He is optimistic about titles that can be achieved.

Fear of an injury of Messi

"I understand that. He is our best player. We want him in all the matches at his level. It would have been very bad news, but luckily he is ok."


"We all want to play as much matches from the beginning as possible. I would love to have continuity. It's complicated because there's a lot of competition, but I fight to be starter."


"In Barça you must live the present. If you think about the past, things don't work and if you think about the future, you are never in the present. I prefer to focus on the day-today."


"Many matches are determined by set pieces. This happens a lot in Second Division and Juan Carlos [Unzué, assistant coach] worked there and has it very clear. We want to be unpredictable, we are achieving that and this allows us score goals."

El clásico

"We knew Madrid were not achieving good results, but we were also aware of his danger. It's important to give a good image and I think we did that, but the most important thing is to get the three points."

Winning three titles

"I'm very ambitious. The more you dream the more things you get. We are good in the three competitions. I hope we can win them all, despite we know it's very complicated, specially the Champions League."


"We said in the group stage that they are strong. We lost our first match of the season in Paris, but at Camp Nou we ended with good feelings. We suffered but we played with a lot of intensity."

The preparation of the team

"We are going up. Physically and mentally we are better now. During the year we have been very concentrated because we never know if we will play or not. Being starter doesn't mean being again the next match and this forces you be always fit."

Being father

"I'm really excited. Me and Meli [his girlfriend] are very happy. It's another reason to close my fist and keep working to be happy."

"Things won't really change as I'm a kind of person I like to stay at home with the family."