5 choices for a position

Dani Alves won't be able to play due to yellow cards sanction

5 choices for a position
5 choices for a position

Dani Alves won't be able to play due to yellow cards sanction

Luis Enrique knows since match against APOEL that neither Rafinha (who was sent off) nor Dani Alves (who was shown the 3rd yellow card) will be able to play this Wednesday at Camp Nou agaisnst PSG.

The abscense of the midfielder won't be a problem, but the right-back's position is very delicate. Not for the possibilities (up to 5 players could take this position) but for the fact that Luis Enrique has shown many times that he onl trusts in Dani Alves. This Tuesday he said in press conference that "it will be a surprise for PSG."


Apparently, the favorite to be the right-back this Wednesday. He has played in all the defense positions, both wings and in the center.

This season he has played three matches as right-back. September 24 against Málaga (replacing Douglas in the minute 73). He also played the last 7 minutes in the Ajax-Barça. In the next match against Almeria, Adriano played the 90 minutes as right-back.

Marc Bartra

The least standard option. The defender debuted with the first team as right-back, but he has finally been consolidalted as center-back. Luis Enrique has not placed him there yet, but the coach said it was a good option. When the player is asked about that, he always says that he would like this role.


Improbable opion. Despite Douglas has been starter in two matches (Málaga and Huesca), it seems quite unlikely that Luis Enrique places the Brazilian agains PSG.


The most remote option. He has only played a match with Barça. It was against Athletic in the 3rd week.

He knows he is the last option and he might probably be out of the squad list.


It would be a surprise. The winger has never played as full-back, but it wouldn't be the first time that a striker, used to play wide, ends being defender. In fact, Luis Enrique evolved this way during his career. Despite that, Pedro is the shortest of them, so not a very good option against tall PSG players.