ANALYTICS. The dimension of the Untouchables 2.0

The forward formed by Messi, Suárez and Neymar have scored 122 goals, the same as last season

ANALYTICS. The dimension of the Untouchables 2.0
ANALYTICS. The dimension of the Untouchables 2.0

The forward formed by Messi, Suárez and Neymar have scored 122 goals, the same as last season

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The second season of the Untouchables is on the way to be better than the first one. Messi, Suárez and Neymar have already scored the same amount of goals as last season (122) and there are still 3 La Liga matches and Copa del Rey final left to be played.

Besides, the dimension of the forward also grew in assists and participation in the matches. Here you have some collective and individual data about the three stars:

1. The same number of goals as last season

In their first season together, the Untouchables scored 122 goals in 60 official matches. In that season which ended with the treble, the stars overcame the 100 goals' record of the 2008/09 trident formed by Eto'o, Messi and Henry. This season, they have already scored 122 goals in 58 matches and they will have 4 chances to extend this record number.

2. Scoring omnipresence

Last season, the forward scored 69% of Barça's goals (122 out of 175.) This season, his scoring implication grew more and did 75% of the goals (122 out of 161.) However, this data shows that the rest of the team participated less in this aspect. Last season, the rest of players scored 53 goals. This season, the number drops down to 39. Rakitic and Munir, with 8 goals each, are the top scorers after Messi, Neymar and Suárez. Last season, Pedro (11) and Rakitic (also 8.)

3. Different distribution

The forward scored the same number of goals as last season but the distribution is different. Suárez went from 25 goals in 43 matches (0.58 goals per match) to 53 goals in 49 matches (1.08 gpm.) He is the only who improved his performance; he has many chances to win the Golden Shoe and to be La Liga's top scorer. Messi went from 58 goals in 57 matches (1.01 gpm) to 40 in 45 matches (0.88) in a season he was two months out. Finally Neymar's performance also dropped: from 39 goals in 51 matches (0.76 gpm) to 29 in 45 matches (0.64 gpm.)

4. Neymar improved in assists

Regarding goal assists, Neymar is the player whose numbers improved the most in comparison to last season. This season, he has done 24, in comparison to the 11 of last season. Luis Suárez has similar data (25 this season, in comparison to 24 of last season) and he is the leader of this data in La Liga. Finally Messi dropped from 31 to 21, in a season where he stood out more for the playmaking more than for the end of the plays. In global terms, the assists of the trident went from 66 to 70.

5. Distribution of minutes

Last season, Messi, Suárez and Neymar were called the Untouchables because they almost played all the minutes and Luis Enrique never subbed them off. This season, they did the same and only the injury of Messi prevented them to play more minutes. Luis Suárez, who last season missed the two first months of competition due to FIFA ban and who played 65% of the minutes, has now become the most used player, with 84% of the minutes. Neymar has played more or less the same minutes as last season (from 75% to 77%.) But Messi has gone from the incredible 93% of last season to the 73%, due to his knee injury and some other minor physical problems.