ANALYTICS. Ter Stegen, more than a goalkeeper

In Arsenal, only Ramsey did more passes than Ter Stegen

ANALYTICS. Ter Stegen, more than a goalkeeper
ANALYTICS. Ter Stegen, more than a goalkeeper

In Arsenal, only Ramsey did more passes than Ter Stegen

Ter Stegen

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Marc André Ter Stegen showed his best version again in the Champions League. The German was one of the key players in the victory on Arsenal's stadium, with important interventions when the match was 0-0. Furthermore, the 23-year-old goalkeeper showed his quality and calm when playing with his feet, and participated more than almost all Arsenal players. These are the 5 data that demonstrate Ter Stegen's great match.

1 - Only one Arsenal player did more passes than him

According to data by UEFA, Ter Stegen did 34 passes, the same than the playmaker Özil. In Arsenal, only Ramsey, with 54, did more than Barça's goalkeeper. Most of them didn't reach 30 passes, and they suffered to have the ball. Alexis only did 21.

2 - 94% accuracy in passing

The German completed 34/36 of passes, 94%. Only Mascherano with 95% and Busquets (94%) have similar numbers. The worst Barça player in this aspect was Luis Suárez, with 68% accuracy: he missed 9 out of the 28 passes in a match in which he didn't have many participation when creating plays.

3 - The player with more key passes

Ter Stegen did three key passes, according to data collected by Carles Domènech for Weloba Analytics. These passes are related with the aim to play the ball in a more complicated way than in a usual pass, in order to unbalance the opponent. Ter Stegen managed to break Arsenal's defense with these passes in three occasions. Iniesta also did 3 key passes.

4 - Providential saves

Apart from playing with his feet, the German goalkeeper also stood out for his providential saves. The most complicated was in the second half, 0-0 in the scoreboard, when Giroud headed after beating Mascherano and Ter Stegen avoided the goal with his hand. Watching it again you can see the complexity of the save.

5 - The goalkeeper with more key saves in Europe

In the current 2015/16 Champions League, Ter Stegen has conceded a goal for every 5.15 key saves so far, and leads this ranking above goalkeepers like Buffon (4.75), Cech (2.29) or Neuer (2.00) according to data collected by Sport. Despite only playing in Copa del Rey and Champions League, Ter Stegen is performing at a level for which he can be considered one of the best goalkeepers in Europe. His performance at Emirates Stadium supports this.