ANALYTICS. Suárez, the most caring scorer

The Uruguayan is at the top of the assists list in La Liga

ANALYTICS. Suárez, the most caring scorer
ANALYTICS. Suárez, the most caring scorer

The Uruguayan is at the top of the assists list in La Liga

Luis Suarez Barcelona

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Luis Suárez is making all culers fall in love with him. Apart from being a top-class scorer, the Uruguayan is the first when pressing, and he also stands out for being one of the most caring players in the team. In every match, whatever the competition, Suárez breaks his bag, seeks for the goal and assists his mates. He is the piece who completes the daydream forward, where Messi is the leader, Neymar the magician and Suárez the finisher.

1. Leader of assists in la Lliga

Apart from being the top scorer, Suárez is also the player with more assists in the Spanish La Liga, with 11. Only Özil (Arsenal,) with 17, beats him in the context of the European big leagues. Over the last 4 rounds, he assisted 5 times; the last one, for Gerard Piqué, who scored the 2nd goal against Sevilla.

2. A nightmare for the opponents' defense

Apart from the assist on Piqué, Suárez also caused the foul of Messi's goal vs Sevilla. In a trivial play, Suárez was able to unbalance the opponent defense and force the foul which ended in Messi's amazing goal. He also caused the two yellow cards for Sevilla. This season he has received 49 fouls, an average of almost 2 per game.

3. On his way to the Golden Shoe

With 25 goals in 25 La Liga matches, Suárez is the leader of the standings for the Golden Shoe. Higuaín (Napoli) and Jonas (Benfica) are behind him with 24 goals in a fascinating fight, since behind them we find Lewandowski (23,) Cristiano (22,) and Aubameyang (22.)

4. The most used player for Luis Enrique

Apart from all this numbers, Luis Suárez is also standing out for his physical level. He is one of the few player who has not been injured this season, and the one to have played more minutes. After Sevilla's clash, he has played 3,540 minutes, more than the whole last season (3,517.) He has only missed one Liga match, 1 Champions League match and 5 Copa games. Despite that, he is the top scorer of La Copa with 5 goals, together with Messi and Munir. Tireless.