5 data that show that Luis Suárez is a beast

The 5 spectacular stats of the Uruguayan

5 data that show that Luis Suárez is a beast
5 data that show that Luis Suárez is a beast

The 5 spectacular stats of the Uruguayan

Luis Suárez Deportivo

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4 goals and 3 assists. Luis Suárez made a bestial game in the Riazoe and was at the head of the Blaugrana exhibition against Deportivo (0-8). Lethal in front of the goal, helpful in the collective game and hyperactive for pressure, the Uruguayan player keeps beating records in his most brilliant season individually speaking.

1 - He beats Ronaldo's 47 goals in one season

All allong its history, Barça has had great goal scorers. One of the best was Ronaldo. During his unique season at the club (1996/97) he scored 47 goals and got the highest number, at that time, in the Blaugrana club's history. Since then, Messi the extra-terrestrial has beaten him 4 times (53 in 2010/11, 73 in 2011/12, 60 in 2012/13 and 57 in 2014/15). Yesterday, against Deportivo, Suárez scored his 49th goal and has already become the second best goal scorer in one season in Barça's history.

2 - He's back in the Golden Boot fight

Until yesterday, the Uruguayan player had only scored 1 goal in La Liga in the last 2 months and seemed far away from the fight for the Golden Boot and the Pitxitxi trophy. Against Deportivo, Suárez put an end to this negative streak of one goal in the last 8 fixtures and reached 30. He's third in the Golden Boot ranking levelled with Higuaín and only 1 goal behind Jonas and Cristiano Ronaldo, the latter also fighting for the Pitxitxi trophy and who didn't score against Villarreal.

3 - He equals his best scoring season

In the 2009/10 season with Ajax, Luis Suárez scored 49 goals in 48 games and became the best goal scorer of the Dutch club in one season. One month later, he signed for Liverpool as one of the best strikers in Europe. This season, Suárez has already equaled his record of 49 goals in 48 games and still has 5 more opportunities to do better: against Sporting, Betis, Espanyol and Granada in La Liga and against Sevilla in the Copa del Rey final. How far will the beast get?

4 - Leading La Liga in assists

Besides his record in terms of goal scoring, Suárez also stands out in the assist ranking. If we add the 3 assists he made yesterday against Deportivo, the Blaugrana striker is the best in La Liga in terms of assists with a total of 14. In the main European leagues, only Arsenal's midfielder, Özil, has made more with 18. The great chemistry between Messi and Neymar have helped Suárez to shine as well in the passing game, an very unusual aspect of his career that has evolved while at Barça.

5 - First player in scoring 4 goals and making 3 assists since 1950

It has been 65 years since a player scored 4 goals and made 3 assists in a game of La Liga. According to MisterChip, Atlético's player Juncosa was the last one in doing such a perfect game on October the 8th of 1950 in a goal feast against Racing (9-1). Yesterday in the Riazor, Luis Suárez repeated that record with 4 goals and 3 assists.