ANALYTICS. Leo Messi's best year start

20 goals in 16 matches. The Argentine improved 2012 numbers, when he ended up scoring 91 goals

ANALYTICS. Leo Messi's best year start
ANALYTICS. Leo Messi's best year start

20 goals in 16 matches. The Argentine improved 2012 numbers, when he ended up scoring 91 goals

Messi hat-trick

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The beginning of the year is a good moment for New Year's resolutions like quit smoking, going to the gym or some personal goals. We don't know if Leo Messi set some resolutions for 2016, but so far he has reached the best start in a natural year. He is even beating his own numbers of 2012, when he ended up scoring 91 goals, beating the historic record of Müller. That 2012, on March 4 he had scored 17 goals. This year, he has already scored 20, and it seems his ambition is growing...

1. 2016 top scorer

20 goals in 16 matches in 2016. This mean the best start of Messi in a natural year. After his injury and the personal preseason he could do on December, the Argentine started the engine and is recoveryng his best level. He has been able to score in the last 3 matches (Arsenal, Sevilla and Rayo).

2. Joins fight for being the top scorer

When Leo Messi played again after 2 months, Neymar was La Liga's top scorer with 12 goals. Messi had only scored 3 and it seemed difficult he would join the fight. In the 24th round, Suárez was leading this ranking with 24 goals, 9 more than Messi. It seemed the fight would be between the Uruguayan and Cristiano Ronaldo, but Messi reacted and in the 27 round he is 3rd, 6 goals away from Suárez (despite having let him kick the last three penalties.) The beast woke up and could end up winning Pichichi trophy.

3. 35 Hat-tricks with Barça

Almost unintentionally, Messi went home with another ball home after scoring 3 goals against Rayo Vallecano. It's the 35th hat-trick he got with FC Barcelona jersey and the 38th of his career. He has done 26 in La Liga, 5 in the Champions League, 3 in Copa del Rey, 1 in the Super Cup and 3 with Argentina. The next goal is to overcome the record hat-tricks in the Spanish La Liga, owned by Cristiano with 29.

4. Will he beat 2012 record?

In 2012, Leo Messi became the player to score more goals in a natural year, beating Müller record. He scored 91 goals with Barça and Argentina. It seemed no one could improve it... except himself. On March 4, 2012, Leo Messi had scored 17 goals. On March 4, 2016, Leo Messi has already scored 20 goals... where is his limit?

5. A goal per match with Luis Enrique

In the win vs Rayo, FC Barcelona managed to get 303 goals with Luis Enrique on the bench, 91 of which scored by Messi... in 91 matches. Stratospheric numbers completed by Suárez's 66 and Neymar's 62. So the trident has scored 219 goals, 72% of total since Luis Enrique came in Barça's first team.