ANALYTICS. Iniesta's masterpiece in Copa del Rey final

The midfielder was awarded MVP of the final

ANALYTICS. Iniesta's masterpiece in Copa del Rey final
ANALYTICS. Iniesta's masterpiece in Copa del Rey final

The midfielder was awarded MVP of the final

Iniesta Sevilla

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Andres Iniesta starred yesterday one of his best games as a player. The midfielder set the pace of the match at all times and was the protagonist of some delicious actions to overcome the hard pressure of Sevilla. Based on dribbling, brilliant passing and changes of pace, Iniesta kept Barça alive in the most delicate moments and was the fuel needed to get the match in the extra time.

Aged 32, the midfielder has completed a magnificent season and has been the best in the physical aspect, since he hardly suffered any injury. In addition, his debut as captain has been exemplary and has acted as a leader in the squad all the time.

Master's degree in how to break the pressure

Without Rakitic, Iniesta was the great reference of Barça in midfield and gave air to the team as Sevilla pressed harder. At all times, the midfielder took the reins of the team and was fundamental to connect the defense with the front. Without losing any ball in committed zones, he always assisted the team and gave a masterclass on how to break the pressure with a display of technical resources. Sweet Iniesta.

Like another defense

Iniesta has shown that he can continue to evolve as a player. Since the arrival of Luis Enrique as coach, the player has clearly evolved in defense and has become a more complete player. He looks stronger, he is no longer getting injured and still have a sweet technique that has characterized him throughout his career.

A clear example of this step forward is that yesterday he was the 3rd player to recover more balls, with a total of 8 according to data collected by Carles Domenech at Weloba Analytics.


In addition to the offensive and defensive work, Iniesta made a perfect interpretation of the tactical positioning of the team. Playing with 10 men from the 35th minute due to the red card of Mascherano, the captain set the tempo of the match. In the second half, Sevilla began with an added intensity and tried to approach Ter Stegen's goal. After the Andalusian outburst, Iniesta began to apply the common sense and, little by little, he took the team from own field to the opponent's.

The sending-off of Banega left Sevilla with 10 and Barça managed to get victory during extra time after meticulous work of Iniesta, who received the award for best player in the final. A new masterpiece by Don Andrés Iniesta.