4 things you must know about Umtiti's debut

The 22-year-old played 90 minutes against Iceland

4 things you must know about Umtiti's debut
4 things you must know about Umtiti's debut

The 22-year-old played 90 minutes against Iceland

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Samuel Umtiti was the big novelty in the French team during the 5-2 win against Iceland. Barça's new signing was chosen to replace Rami (suspended) and was protagonist for four reasons.

1 - First French player to make his debut in a major tournament since 1966

Aged 22, Umtiti made his debut with France's first team after going through the youth categories. The previous French player that made his debut in a major international tournament was Gabriel Michele, who made his debut with Les Bleus in the 1966 World Cup.

2 - 100% of passing efficiency

The French centre-back had an excellent game in terms of passing with 76 completed passes out of 76 attempts. However, the majority of those were very short and meant to keep possession for Deschamps' team. Umtiti didn't want to take risks for his debut with France and he didn't play with the devil with his passing, as he always looked for the best option.

As for the statistics, he was also the French player that won the most duels in the air with 5 duels won out of 5 and the one that had the most interceptions with 6 ball recoveries out of 7 attempts.

3 - Bad mark in French press

Despite the good stats, Umtiti's game wasn't really well received by French press. The newspaper L'Equipe gave him 4 (out of 10) and, alongside Evra, they are the only French players below average. These bad notations are due to the first Iceland goal that came from his side and they claim that Umtiti could have done better to avoid it. The media also criticised the fact he didn't take risks and that he was late on the only challenge for which he was given a yellow card.

4 -  Prepared for the Barça challenge

After looking satisfied for his debut, Umtiti had also to answer about his signing for Barça. Although he said that he didn't want to talk about it, when he was asked if he was ready for the challenge of playing in Camp Nou, the Frenchman smiled and said: "We will see..."